Establishment Pride



There are a lot of shopping facilities there, in addition to the prefectural government office and city hall. However, the features of Urawa are not fully described by such conveniences. It is also a place of culture and education, where prominent high-ranked schools in terms of educational achievement can be found. It has a cultural climate that used to include the Urawa painters, who were admired just like the Kamakura writers. In the Edo Period, it flourished as a postal town, and its history as the center of the area has endured from ancient times to the present. We cannot forget its position as a town of sports that has the Urawa Red Diamonds and others. Many people have an attachment to Urawa and are proud of it. This is because it is the center of their hearts, having developed over the course of many years. People have inherited pride in it as an establishment that has been leading the new well-being.




Deep, fulfilling scenes

Urawa PARCO at the east exit of the station, Isetan Urawa and URAWA CORSO at the west exit, and Atre Urawa in the station building are all within ten minutes’ walk from NEBEL Urawa. As well as shopping, you can also enjoy your time off in various ways, such as at the cinema complex and fitness club. In addition, Saitama prefecture is a fierce battlefield for sweets, which is famous among fans of sweets, and Urawa can be said to be at the forefront of this battle, meaning that gourmet food is another attraction of the town.








It takes only seven minutes on foot to get to the Urawa Art Museum, which houses a collection of works by artists associated with the region. There are also many large parks, including Kitaurawa Park and the municipal park, along with the lush green Besshonuma Park. These scenes, which are intellectual and full of a healing atmosphere, will enrich your time off.